We are a people business. Relationships are important to us – as is long-term commitment.

It's not just the relationship with our clients that we care about but all the professionals and trades involved, because building a house is a huge team effort. Over the years we have built long-term relationships with many of our subcontractors and suppliers which means they know and subscribe to our philosophy and way of working, and they are also used to working well with each other.

Kitche of Georgian Renovations and Extension by KM Grant

Long-term commitment

We regard the good relations we maintain with our clients as a key strength of KM Grant. We are still in contact with many of our past clients and continue to care for their properties. As a client, having a house built or altered can be an emotional experience and you will be investing a lot of money. So, it is crucial to choose a construction company whose team you think you can work with and be confident they will give you continuing service after your project is finished.


The high standard of our finishes is of massive importance to us which is why we only employ skilled tradesmen. For a decorator to do a superb job he needs excellent plasterwork and joinery. The carpenters, plasterers and tilers need accurate brickwork, blockwork and screeding so that everything is square and level – and so on, back to the foundations. A tiler and stone-layer will spend hours setting out a room for the best visual effect before starting to lay. Walls painted in dark colours need to be flawless. And the more minimalist the interior of a house the more accurate everything has to be. House interior by KM Grant

Efficiency and environment

Today's new houses are required to be energy efficient and provide an extremely comfortable living environment. KM Grant are extensively experienced and up-to-date with modern building practices and technologies, Building Control regulations for energy efficiency, post-construction testing for sound and air tightness, water efficiency, disabled access, waste control etc.

Love thy neighbour

During a house build we do our utmost to give consideration to neighbours as sites are often in close proximity to other properties and in private roads. We aim to keep the impact of large deliveries to a minimum, the site tidy, the road clean, and with minimum noise levels. We keep neighbours informed and they are given direct contact details so that if anyone has any particular concerns or requirements we will do our utmost to accommodate them. Modern zinc-clad house - Architect Elspeth Beard, buildt by KM Grant